Hi, we’re Esther & Jacob. We are travel bloggers at LocalAdventurer.com and recently spent three months living in an Airstream. Before then, we had no idea what to expect. We had no experience in an RV and everything we knew was based on what we saw on TV or in movies. Needless to say, we were a bit intimidated! Although we had days that were bumpy, we’re happy to say that we really loved the overall experience. If you’re thinking about RVing or are just embarking on your journey, here are a few tips for you.



Be Thorough

When it’s time to move, you’ll have to pack up your trailer and make sure everything is road ready. Give yourself plenty of time to make sure you’ve put everything away and secured it all. A lot of new RVers will put together a checklist until it becomes habit. The first couple of weeks took a lot longer to pack up, but as we did it more, it became second nature. We definitely forgot to close a drawer or secure a latch here and there, and we learned the hard way why you should always be thorough.


Take Your Time


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RSVP Now For The #GoRVing Twitter Party October 27th, 9PM EST (US Only)

Don’t you just love fall? James and I just got back from a fantastic month-long 3,400 mile RV trip. We love to take our biggest road trip of the year in the fall for so many different reasons; smaller crowds, beautiful weather, changing leaves, etc.

So that’s why we’re excited to host GoRVing’s upcoming Twitter Party! The topic?

Fall RV Destinations!

We hope you’ll join us on Thursday October 27th at 9pm EST (6pm Pacific) for some great conversations about RVing in the fall. Over the course of the hour we’ll cover a variety of topics including destination suggestions, activity ideas, and seasonal events.

And did I mention prizes?!

One grand prize winner will receive a $50 VISA gift card AND some cool Go RVing swag! We’ll also be giving away two more Go RVing prize packs, which each include a $10 VISA gift card plus more of that super fun Go RVing swag. All for partying with us! (Prizing is open to U.S. residents only)

Just What is a Twitter Party?

If you’ve never participated in a Twitter party before, it’s pretty simple and great fun. Think of it like sitting around a campfire and having a conversation with a bunch of friends, only it’s a cyber-campfire so less pressure! From our Twitter page @TheFitRV, we’ll be tweeting open-ended questions throughout the hour that always begin with “Q1, Q2, Q3… etc.”, and you respond with your own thoughts and suggestions by starting your tweet with “A1, A2, A3…etc.” Plus, you’ll always include the hashtag #GoRVing in your post so we can see your response. Prizes are awarded at random, but here’s a key tip: Consider each of your tweets and responses as sort of an entry for the prizes. So the more you interact, the better your chance becomes of winning a prize!

Sounds Great! How Do I Join?

To participate and be eligible for prizes, just follow these steps:

  1. Follow The Fit RV and Go RVing on Twitter.
  2. RSVP below by leaving a link to your Twitter handle in the comments (ex. www.twitter.com/thefitrv)!
  3. Show up for the party at 9pm EST, which will be hosted on @TheFitRV homepage.
  4. Respond to our topics (and also to other partyer’s responses) always making sure to use the #GoRVing hashtag in each post.
  5. Pay attention to our announcements of winners throughout the hour! If your name comes up, we’ll have you message the Prize Patrol to arrange to collect your prizes.

It’s as easy as that. Can’t wait to chat with you at the party, gang! See you there!


There’s no doubt that one of the best things about RVing is exploring the great outdoors and what better to way to experience the beauty of nature than by foot. It’s relaxing, excellent exercise, and you can see places that are only accessible by trail. From gentle paved trails with handicap access to steep rocky backcountry hiking, no matter your condition or experience, there is something for everyone, even the youngest among us.


From babies to toddlers to teens, we’ve covered the gamut when it comes to RVing and hiking with kids. Along the way we’ve learned a few things and hopefully these tips will make your next family hike one to remember!


Ten Tips for Hiking with Kids

Snacks and Water – If you want to keep the meltdowns away, keep hunger at bay. Pack your child’s favorite snacks – and yours too. We like to pack things like fresh fruit, protein bars, and trail mix. This goes without saying, but don’t forget to bring along some H20 even for those short hikes. A water bottle will do, or if you’re a frequent hiker and your child is out of the sippy cup stage, consider investing in hydration packs, a backpack with water bladders and drinking tube. It makes staying hydrated a breeze and allows everyone to carry a few of their favorite things.

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“You’ll never get to shower.”

“No bathroom? No thanks.”

“There’s no way you’d get me out there without electricity.”



The list goes on. We could probably write a short book with all of the objections we heard from family, friends, and random people when they learned we lived in our RV. Some of it was probably attributable to not understanding why we wanted to make a dramatic change in our lifestyle, some likely due to a fear of leaving modern amenities, and some was probably just people who like to rain on others’ parades.


We knew we wanted to spend as much time away from large cities as we possibly could, and we were even wanting to spend as little time hooked up in RV parks as possible. We had lots of experience car camping and backpacking, but neither of us had really ever spent time in an RV. Even though this was going to be new experience with a quick learning curve, we felt like we were setting ourselves up for success because we were doing something that we each really wanted. We wanted boondocking.


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You can continue spending money replacing dead RV batteries, but a more practical money saving solution is to determine what caused the battery to die and try to prevent it from happening again.



It’s not uncommon for RV batteries to die long before they should. A report I recently read stated 85% of lead-acid batteries manufactured in the U.S. die before they should. And I see it all the time, RV owners replacing batteries every year or two. That can get expensive real fast.

Sometimes we tend to overlook the simplest maintenance requirements on our RV, and these maintenance oversights can be costly. I put RV batteries on top of the list for items on the RV that are commonly overlooked. Fortunately if you understand what kills a battery, and perform some simple battery preventive maintenance you can stop the batteries from dying an early death.

Let’s look at some of the factors that contribute to battery failure:

  • Sulfation
  • Parasitic loads
  • Self-discharging
  • Overcharging
  • Undercharging
  • Lack of maintenance



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