Have you ever visited a place and it just felt like home? That is Moab for me. It is a special place and I fell in love immediately. Maybe it is the stark contrast between our lush, green forests of the Pacific Northwest compared to the red rock and blue skies of Moab. But whatever it is, Moab is a truly unique and beautiful landscape. After one visit, you will be hooked too.



I started visiting annually several years ago. It was a trip I would take solo to enjoy some father/daughter time. My dad and his best friend, Tom, would drive from Texas and Florida in their motorhomes, pulling their toys and jeeps used to explore the 4×4 trails. But our last time in Moab, my family and I pulled our travel trailer down because I wanted my husband and kids to experience Moab.

Moab has become even more special in my heart. I just lost my dad this year, and I will cherish all the memories I have with him in this special place.

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I am incredibly lucky to be close to my siblings, as well as my parents. It’s a blessing that not everyone has, and I love the time we can all spend together.
As a family we try to plan one big getaway each year that everyone can attend. And, to keep it affordable, we go camping.
This year our outing was to the KOA in Gretna, Nebraska, just west of Omaha. I almost feel like the poster child for KOA here on The Scenic Route… What can I say, these campgrounds just work for us – especially when traveling with family members who don’t camp. We know that the camping cabins, pool, and other activities will help our non-RVing relatives enjoy the getaway and not feel like they are ‘roughing it.’ Another great bonus of camping is that our dogs are welcome to join us, making this truly a vacation for the entire family.


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Snowbirds is a term for people who leave colder climates to migrate south in the winter to areas like Florida, California, Arizona and Texas. I grew up in Minnesota and went to college in a small town way up north. It was so cold that the college built underground tunnels connecting each building because they knew college kids wouldn’t head out into -20 degree weather to sit in a lecture. After so many cold winters, I understand why people head south when the weather starts to turn cold.

As an entrepreneur I often ask myself, “what if I did the opposite of what everybody else is doing?” Some of the biggest rewards in my life have come from doing the unconventional. Our RV trip to Florida was one of these rewards of going against the grain.

The idea of being reverse snowbirds came after we unknowingly took a trip in the off season to southern Utah. In the winter it felt like we had everything to ourselves! I hiked Angels Landing and watched the sunrise as I reached the summit. I spent over an hour at the top with just myself and my thoughts. It was beautiful!



A few days later I did a huge loop trail in Bryce Canyon and didn’t see anyone the entire hike. It felt like I had the entire national park to myself that day.


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The Sisters on the Fly know how to throw a party! One of the reasons they are so well attended is because of people like Karen Reichert. Karen, sister on the Fly #831 from Illinois, is the party planner for the Midwest Sisters! Karen has the gift of party planning. Karen is a former Legal Assistant (detail oriented!) who traded in her heels and daily rail pass to attend pastry school and then went on to work for the Boy Scouts of America organizing stays at their Michigan Summer Camp. She has taken all of her considerable life skills and put them to good use for the Sisters on the Fly. Her events have waiting lists even when she finds the largest venue possible! This doesn’t surprise me at all because having met Karen several years ago I could tell right away that I would want her on my team if I had to survive in the woods in style for three days. I don’t know anyone else who has ever hosted a peignoir party. I didn’t even know how to spell peignoir. Her ideas and enthusiasm are endless.


Karen’s annual Peignoir Party that she hosts at her weekend home in Indiana each year. It’s homage to our mothers! My mom still wears these!


Karen came to Sisters on the Fly the same way I did, after reading an article in Country Living Magazine about the Sisters. Like me she was “fascinated” by the idea of women vacationing together and towing their own little houses behind them. She read the article several times during the next few weeks soaking in the trailers and the whole bold idea. But with most of the sister trips and members out west, and her life as a single mom in Illinois already full to the brim raising two daughters, the timing just wasn’t right. She placed it on the middle, not back burner, because Karen Reichert is a woman who never says no to seemingly impossible things. A passion had ignited in her. An active Girl Scout leader, she was also independent with a “how to” attitude. She never thought, “I’m not going to be able to join this group.”  She instead began to ask herself how she was going to make this happen.   Her “how to” brain however reasoned that she could recreate such a group in her area someday.

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After a wonderful few weeks exploring Michigan’s Lower Peninsula it was time to head north to the Upper Peninsula, commonly referred to as the U.P.

There is so much to see in the Upper Peninsula that is was hard to choose where to go! You told us we couldn’t miss St. Ignace or Mackinac Island so we started there.



We set up camp in a lovely treed campground in St. Ignace. It was conveniently located within walking distance to downtown.


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