You can’t drive over 5,000 miles into the Northern Hemisphere without stopping at the Santa Claus House in the North Pole. Unfortunately, Santa had taken the day off, but it was still a fun place to get an Alaskan Christmas ornament and a good stop for fudge. But, could a stop involving fudge ever be bad?


Upon arriving in Fairbanks, we headed over to Pioneer Park. Pioneer Park allows RVs to stay in their parking lot for up to four days for a reasonable fee. They even have a place to fill up water and Wi-Fi.

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Summer sadly doesn’t last forever, but the memories made on the road with family certainly do! We’ve captured our top 10 favorite summer #RVmemories below and want to hear yours! Send us your favorite #RVmemory by tweeting @GoRVing or enter here for a chance to win a $50 Visa gift card.

#10 – Watching fireworks GoRving-6122

Nothing says summer like the boom of fireworks.

#9 – Having a beach adventure GoRving-6047 GoRving-5965 copy GoRving-5024

Is there anything better than warm sand between your toes?

#8 – Grillin’ with the family GoRving-2-3_Cropped GoRving-4960 Dads always cooks the best meals when he’s behind the grill.

#7 – Scenic views and sunsets GoRving-256 GoRving-32 GoRving-5797

The thrill of exploring a new place with the comforts of home not too far away.

#6 – Family Time GoRving-5105 GoRving-7095 GoRving-6806

The best summer ever couldn’t have been possible without mom, dad, brother, sister, and everyone else in the RV.

#5 – Fun Outdoors GoRving-4858 GoRving-5080

It’s easy to get lost in special moments – and that’s what summer is for!

#4– Exploring new places GoRving-6612

Turning off the GPS and finding that secret spot while traveling on the back roads? Priceless.

#3 –Campground R&R GoRving-5981 GoRving-5188

Who knew vacations could be so exhausting? Thankfully, the RV always provides a great place for a little R&R.

#2 – Games GoRving-6682 Whether it’s a quick game of “Go Fish” or a never-ending game of Monopoly, the best summer ever is full of games with the family.

#1 – Finding your AWAY with an RV of course! GoRving-6512

Was summer 2014 your best summer ever? Tell us your favorite memories. Find us @GoRVing or comment below.


The road began to climb and twist not long after leaving Fort Nelson. It had been a relaxing stop, but we were eager to push on. It was still 1,138 miles until the official end of the Alaska Highway and even farther to Fairbanks.


Although our next stop, Laird Hot Springs, was only a mere 193 miles away, the drive took us all day. This part of the highway was one of the slowest moving; not because of the condition of the road, but because this is where the road passes through the Canadian Rockies.

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Is it August already? The summer is slowly winding down and school draws ever closer. We’re already starting to return to our everyday lives and getting back into the old routine. But don’t sell summer short, there are still a few weeks left for a spontaneous road trip or long weekend in the RV!

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Looking back on an eight-week summer RV excursion through 15 states, the grand encounters aren’t necessarily what remain most vivid in my memory. To be sure, for the two of us over the course of two months, there were many of those. We marveled at our nation’s natural wonders (Sleeping Bear Dunes, Pictured Rocks, Niagara Falls). We embraced our inner child (the Crayola Experience, Hershey Chocolate World). We explored various subcultures (Amish villages, coal-mining hamlets, the streets of Manhattan, the mansions of Newport). We visited a few halls of fame (basketball, tennis, rock and roll). We saw Fenway Park and Saratoga Race Course and the Norman Rockwell Museum and the September 11th Memorial.

But mostly I’ll remember the moments. The little moments. The ones that encapsulate what the best of the RV experience is all about.

Like WONDER. We live in an absolutely wondrous part of the country—California’s Monterey Peninsula. We see seals and whales and dolphins, but we don’t get fireflies. So when we returned from a hard day tasting chocolate in Hershey (somebody has to do it), the most delicious moment was watching my young niece and nephew chase fireflies as night descended on a campground in Elizabethtown, PA. There were THOUSANDS of them, lighting up the dusk like twinkling stars. Travel’s wonders come in all sizes. Awesome.

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