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October is the season of free candy and gut-wrenching horror, and there’s no better way to celebrate the latter than with a truly inspired campfire ghost story. But inciting fear isn’t exactly an easy feat to accomplish, so we’re here to help you master the art of the campfire ghost story. Just follow these tips and you’re guaranteed to spook your camping mates– just be careful… you don’t want to scare them too bad!

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For our latest trip to Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho, we had time in our schedule to stay three nights. But whether we are travelling for three nights or three weeks, RV travel is the way to go! Our family met David’s parents there who have been traveling in their diesel pusher. The kids took one look at their grandparents’ much larger RV and with wide eyes asked when we were getting one of those. To their disappointment, I said not until they graduate college!

We stayed at Blackwell Island RV Resort which is one of the largest RV parks I have enjoyed. The resort was nice, clean and well maintained.



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There are some places in this country that will take your breath away. I call them my RV Bucket List Locations. We decided to take a trip to magnificent Southwest Utah and knock two of these off our list.

We wanted to add some extra adventure to this trip by boondocking on BLM Land at the Grand Staircase-Escalante just outside of Kanab, UT to break up the drive from Cottonwood, AZ. We looked online and found what seemed to be the perfect spot on the Paria River. When we arrived, we were blown away!



We were the only humans as far as we could see. There was unlimited hiking along the river or into the buttes. We made sure to go on a new hike each day and would often bring our dog.


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We had a great weekend in New Jersey at our first “Camp Like a Girl” event. The idea behind “Camp Like a Girl” was to give the women who read the profiles and follow the groups on social media an opportunity to experience a ‘girl camping’ event without having to be a member of any specific group. Normally to be in the girl campout loops, you need to be a member of a group and search their Meet Up sites for events near you. “Camp Like a Girl” was a ‘no fuss’ version for the tire kickers and we had a great time!  Many of the women who signed up camped as girls and are now in a place in life where they have that precious commodity of “time.” They are looking to go places and do things and they want people to do it with. Our event was but a sampling of the girl camping flavors but we tried to incorporate some of the tried and true things done at girl camping outings.


Kelly, Jeri and Mia on their first girl camping adventure!


On Friday night we planned a potluck dinner and asked each girl camper to bring her favorite appetizer or potluck meal to my site where we planned to gather! Since most people are traveling to get there it is an easy way to make the night fun. I always make something ahead of time and then just plate it up at the last minute.  Keeping it simple makes the whole thing less stressful for everyone. I always love this because I get to sample everyone’s ‘go to’ appetizer and add a few new things to my own list of favorites. While the weather looked good for Saturday and Sunday, we were keeping our eyes on the sky because a line of thunderstorms was going to come through on Friday night. That happened about ten minutes before mealtime and we all scrambled to the pavilion with our crockpots and party trays. We had so much fun chatting and checking out the booty in our Girl Camper swag bags while listening to the driving rain and acorns pelting the roof.  We were safe and sound in the pavilion and no one’s site suffered any serious calamities.




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During the last four years of traveling full time we’ve spent almost six months in Colorado, but those six months were mostly spent snowboarding in Breckenridge. For the amount of time we’ve spent in the state, we still haven’t seen much of it. We are so excited to see more of the Centennial State while we wait for Thing 4 to finish baking!



Nestled under the trees, we chose a campground just outside of Loveland for a temporary home base to explore the surrounding area.


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