James and I aren’t retired quite yet. On top of running The Fit RV website, we both hold day jobs. James’ job is more flexible than mine since he can work from anywhere as long as there’s an Internet connection. My work as a personal trainer and wellness coach, however, requires me to be home more often so I can check on my trainees in person.


Though sometimes it is REALLY hard to head home.


Because of this, we do a lot of trip juggling. One of the perks of running an RV website is getting invitations for events all over the nation, which we love attending. The downside to this is that sometimes they are far away which equals a lot of ridiculously long drives in a short window of time.


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When we embark on a weeklong road trip, one of the first things I do to prepare is plan our menu. I have learned over the years that the key to every successful meal on the road is advanced planning and provisioning. I begin with my weekly menu planner I created to help me decide what our meals will be from day to day. Under each menu item there is a space to write down the groceries I need to buy. Down below, there is a an area where I write down the items I already have on hand that I can pack into the RV fridge/kitchen. It’s a very helpful tool for me. If you are interested in my menu planner, you can download the PDF of it HERE. I should also mention that I try to shop and cook just enough for the three of us so leftovers are kept to a bare minimum.


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Bringing someone new into this world is such a beautiful thing. Bringing an RV baby into the world, however, is on another level.

It was a little surreal when we found out Danielle was pregnant. We had been RVing full time for almost a year after what was supposed to only be a 6-month trip. Now, we were faced with the big dilemma that we’d been wrestling with in our minds…

“Do we continue to travel or is it time to settle down?”



We sat down to talk about the options and within minutes we came up with our decision: Adventure awaits and we’re going to keep on exploring this beautiful country. It wasn’t a difficult decision to make. We have loved RVing as a couple so much we couldn’t imagine being stationary at this point in our lives. We enjoyed 36 states last year, and there’s just too much left to see and do!

Luckily there are fellow full time RV families who have had babies while blogging and vlogging about their adventures. Reading their blogs gave us ideas on what to expect, and helped forge a vision of the future.


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Start by doing what’s necessary;

Then do what’s possible;

and suddenly you’re doing the impossible.

-St Francis of Assisi


Angela Gonzalez has a plan! She’s planning on taking time to tour the country in a vintage RV. She has places to go and things to do with her boyfriend Damian and their dogs. Meanwhile, she is working everyday doing what is necessary and possible to make what might seem like an impossible dream come true. She is a person of great joy who lives color dreams; she’s a modern day mix of gypsy and hippie stock who lives life in a perpetual state of hope and happiness.



Angie was born in Brooklyn, NY in the early 80s. She is the oldest of three children in what she describes as a “typically crazy, funny, loving family of five. My father is Cuban. My mother is Jewish. I love my sister Heather and my brother Jeremy more than anything. My mom and I talk on the phone daily and my dad is truly my best friend. He’s always been there for me my whole life and I’ve been there for him.” The family lived in Brooklyn until Angie was five and then spent the next twenty years in beautiful Northern California. Angie spent lots of summers visiting her grandma on the east coast and never gave up her Brooklyn roots. “We got the street smarts of city kids but the chill laid back feeling of California.” Angie loves this aspect of her life and truly feels authentically bi-coastally blessed.


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RVs are a lot of fun. Whether you live in yours full-time or just use it for vacation, they can allow you to enjoy traveling while having the comforts of home. You can see new places, bring your pets, have valuable family bonding time, and more when traveling in an RV.


RVing in the Redwoods


These reasons make buying an RV a major purchase in a person’s life. A buyer wants to make sure that they make the correct purchase while also receiving a good value.


While they do bring a lot of enjoyment and turn dreams into reality, a person needs to be wise about their purchase as it’s one of the biggest purchases a person will make in their lifetime.


After all, if you’re looking at a new Type B motorhome, you could be looking at spending anywhere from $40,000 to $150,000 and up. New Type C motorhomes can be anywhere from $50,000 to $200,000. Then, there are the Type A motorhomes, which can go into the millions for the extremely luxurious options. There is also a wide range of towables that you may be interested in as well. There’s definitely an RV for everyone!


Due to the factors above, saving as much money as you realistically can when purchasing an RV is something every person will want to do. Below are tips for negotiating the best value and price on an RV.

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