National Parks such as YellowstoneYosemite, or the Grand Canyon are rightfully some of the most famous destinations in the U.S. They’re iconic and beautiful, and deserving of their formidable reputations. But there are more than 400 parks, preserves, reserves, seashores and other units under the protection of the National Park System. Iconic park sights such as Old Faithful are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the natural beauty of the United States. Here are eight other national parks you don’t want to miss.
Great Basin National Park, Nevada


Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Best known as home to the stunning Lehman Caves, Great Basin National Park is a glacier-carved natural wonder. Take the Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive 10,000 feet up, then hike to the summit to see the only glacier in Nevada, the Wheeler Peak Glacier​. While you’re there, be sure to examine the bristlecone pines, some of the world’s oldest trees, the last remnants of a Pleistocene forest… some of the trees are 3,000 years old, before Rome was even established as a city! Once you’ve admired the views, head underground to see Lehman Caves, a marble cavern ornately decorated with cave formations and 1.5 miles of underground passages. The park averages about 80,000 visitors a year and is a must-visit on a southwest road trip.


Congaree National Park, South Carolina


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After one miserable camping trip and decades of declaring herself a non-camper, ninth generation Arkansas resident and photographer, Linda Henderson, is shopping for a truck camper and planning her upcoming retirement trips. All it took was one night under the stars at the National Buffalo River to make up her mind.



Linda grew up on the grounds of the Arkansas Children’s Colony’s 400-acre campus for children with intellectual disabilities. Her father was one of their first employees and along with the children of the other employees, she and her younger brother had the run of the place. For Linda, who was the only girl in the mix of employees’ children, if she wanted friends to play with, it was going to be boys. She grew up climbing trees and riding dirt bikes. No dolls or playhouses for her. Her interest in photography started when she was very small, when she was first allowed to use her mother’s Brownie camera to shoot pictures. She still has the camera today. In the 9th grade she took a photography class, and her dark room partner was a boy named Jim Henderson. She did not know then that years later she would fall “madly in love with him” and that he would one day be her husband. In high school though, they were just friends and photographed school ballgames and activities together. Throughout high school and college Linda worked at the Children’s Colony, now known as the Human Development Center. She developed a deep love for the residents there and when she went off to college she chose nursing as a career.

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College, job, marriage, house, kids, sell everything, buy RV, travel. The “Dream,” right? Well, for us, we jumped ahead to the “buy RV and travel” bit a little sooner. We decided to shake things up and become a part of the ever-growing community of Road Warriors. The allure of life on the road — adventuring, working, and buying diesel instead of paying rent — was invading our every thought. Finally, we made our decision to bail on life in Los Angeles so we could create a lifetime of memories on the open road.


The transition into “RV life” has its own set of stresses: Will we kill each other? Where do we sleep? What do we eat? How do we find all the cool stuff we see on Instagram?! What if a jar of peanut butter we forgot to put away flies into the air and smashes against the wall? (side note: that happened and it was awesome). Learning how to deal with being young, inexperienced RVers has been a constant in our travels, but we’ve learned a lot about how we are going to function as a couple while living this dream. So, for those of you who are young couples (or those young at heart) going down your own path, here are some lessons learned that help us thrive and survive.


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There is a lot of fun to be had as full-time and part-time RVers. Whether it’s visiting friends and family, tailgating live events, or seeking out adventures, it’s just better in an RV.


The Fit RV


With all the fun, however, there can be some challenges. One of those is learning how to maintain a healthy lifestyle while you’re on the road. It’s a topic we hear a lot of questions about and a priority on our blog, The Fit RV. Since last year, we’ve been sharing great tips on how to stay fit on the road right here on The Scenic Route as well as on the Go RVing Instagram channel.

That’s why we’re excited to host a Twitter party with Go RVing on Thursday, March 24th at 9PM EDT about staying fit on the road. This is going to be a great conversation for anyone who is curious on how they can keep fitness a priority on RV trips. Over the course of the hour we’ll cover a variety of topics including fit tips, gear recommendations, and important stretches for those longer drives, amongst other fitness related topics.


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One of our newest bloggers, Jerome Braga with Our One Chance is a professional photographer currently snowbirding and blogging throughout the country with his family in their 2014 Evergreen Bay Hill Fifth Wheel RV. As a professional photographer, he knows how to take the perfect picture to preserve your family’s adventures. Check out his eight tips to make the most out of every shot.


  1. Stop taking selfies! No, not really, but ultimately there is some truth in it. For the most part, selfies and groupies are only good for some instant, geo-tagged, social gratification. Hey, look at me! I’m Here! (Insert 25 likes)


Disney World, FL


In the photo above, we are visiting the “Happiest Place on Earth!” Can’t you tell? When you look back on your trip, you are not going to remember a whole lot about the experience from that particular photograph. After all, it is only of your face. So my suggestion is to BACK UP and move away from the camera! Make use of the world’s original free selfie stick, and ask someone to take your photo for you. I asked a nice lady to be my selfie stick and take the photo below with our camera.



 Disney World, FL

{Important note… please return the favor by asking if you can take a picture for that person as well}

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