This time of year I find myself slowing down and getting lost in my thoughts. Memories of the past year flicker through my mind like the lights on the tree.

I see…


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Christmas is my most favorite time of year. The traditions and meaning of the season are so deeply entrenched in me that for many years the thought of leaving home never occurred to me. It seemed to me that a Christmas away from home wouldn’t feel much like Christmas at all.

The first year we left home for the holidays, I was filled with anxiety. I couldn’t help but wonder if I’d regret taking my kids away from the familiar, not to mention myself. As it turned out, I worried needlessly.



Anything I could do at home, I could do in the RV. I decorated, baked, wrapped gifts, and played Christmas music. When we were pulled over for the night, we could cuddle up and watch a Christmas movie together. In our home away from home, Christmas was almost the same. Almost.


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With the holiday season in full swing and the countdown to Christmas started, I wanted to share some of my favorite ideas for the season of gift giving. The RVer on your list will be thrilled!

Digital Battery Air Pressure Gauge

Correct tire pressure is important especially for RVers. You risk blow outs when your tires are unmonitored and maintained at the incorrect pressure. Having an easy to read digital gauge will help you avoid a huge headache and possibly an accident while driving to your next destination.



Water Tank Filler

In our previous trailer, filling up the fresh water tank was chore. I would get soaked and water would get wasted. This attachment fits onto the end of the hose and easily delivers fresh water right into your fresh water tank and even has a shut off valve.

Weber Q Series Grill

We have tried several portable grills and I have found the Weber Q Series delivers the best heat, temperature control and a large grilling surface. The removable grates clean up easy. Plus, there are several accessories that are compatible.

Social Yearbook

What happens to all those great pictures you shared on Facebook? Especially, the ones of all your RV adventures? At SocialYearbook.com, you easily select a timeframe and all the pictures plus comments and likes will be printed into a sweet hard bound book. What a great way to keep all those memories preserved. Love this!


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Author RG Coleman


There is a lot of talk these days from lifestyle gurus and TV talk show hosts about living the life you dream and creating your own reality, but how many people actually do that? Show of hands? I think I see someone in the back of the room but it’s possible they misunderstood the question.  I have come to believe that this whole idea of creating the life you dream may sell posters, but ultimately, is a setup for disappointment if your dream is not already what you love. Rhonda Coleman is one of those people who combined the skills gained in her career in Public Relations and Marketing with her passion for the outdoors and mixed it with a love for design and a dose of reality. In the end, she created a dream job not by strategic planning and concentrated efforts, but by simply doing what she loved and by being her funny and lighthearted self in the process.


Dust goggles on the Playa at Burning Man

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It’s safe to say that we love our RV. R’Velle has become a beloved member of our family, often confusing others when we refer to the RV as ‘she’.

Though we don’t RV full time, we travel with her as much as possible, relying on her to get us to and from our pleasure trips while also offering a home away from home.

And while I think of R’Velle as our vacation home, I hadn’t really expected to use her as our actual home for an extended period. And I definitely didn’t think about this situation popping up in the middle of our fall trip to Florida, where R’Velle winters in the warm temps while we return to the cold Iowa plains.

A Trip to Florida Becomes a Trip to Texas


We were just a day and a half into our 4 day trip. Fun stops had been made at Lamberts Café in Ozark, Missouri- where R’Velle met another 4 Winds bunkhouse in the parking lot.


RVelle meets another 4 Winds Type C Bunkhouse in the parking lot at Lamberts Cafe in Ozark MO.


We followed that with a visit to Mansfield and tour of the homes of our favorite Pioneer author, Laura Ingalls Wilder.


The two homes of Laura Ingalls Wilder at Rocky Ridge Farm near Mansfield Missouri.

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