There is nothing like setting up your home with a backyard that includes mountains or rivers. You just can’t beat bringing along your home on wheels to experience our country’s natural beauty and explore the endless cultural opportunities. Some people take “there’s no place like home” a step further and remodel their RVs to fit their unique personalities and interests, just like any brick and mortar home.

Check out these five gorgeous fifth wheel remodels.


Chelsie and Ryan



Chelsie & Ryan are 20-something newlyweds who travel the US in their renovated camper with their fluffy goldendoodle puppy. They speak for their company Trades of Hope, while photographing their travels along the way. They love waking up in the woods, watching Parks & Rec together, and coffee shop hopping in each city they visit. Their RV remodel is light, bright, and open with pops of color and whimsical touches.


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According to locals this has been an unusual Colorado fall. Warmer temperatures stayed through late October and the leaves hung around a bit longer on the trees. One woman even told me she can’t remember the last time she wore shorts in October. We soaked in all the sunshine and color as we explored southern Colorado.



Up in the mountains, not too far from Salida, is a gorgeous campground nestled among the mountains and along the Arkansas River called Helca Junction. It’s a primitive campground without amenities but who needs amenities when you got gorgeous views and your own bed, kitchen, and bathroom, in the RV. 😉

The Arkansas River Headwaters Recreation area is one of the most popular white water rafting and kayaking locations in the United States. The season appeared to be over for water sport but we still dipped our toes in….BRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!


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It’s always hard to say goodbye to summer. Lucky for us, the Colorado summer has been lingering into fall bringing us nothing short of perfect weather.



After exploring Rocky Mountain National Park, we headed south to Colorado Springs. This wasn’t our first visit to Colorado Springs and it won’t be our last. There is so much to do in this gorgeous city so we keep coming back.


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During the last four years of traveling full time we’ve spent almost six months in Colorado, but those six months were mostly spent snowboarding in Breckenridge. For the amount of time we’ve spent in the state, we still haven’t seen much of it. We are so excited to see more of the Centennial State while we wait for Thing 4 to finish baking!



Nestled under the trees, we chose a campground just outside of Loveland for a temporary home base to explore the surrounding area.


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Maybe it’s because I have a slight obsession with crossing national parks and monuments off my to-see list. Maybe I’m just drawn to it like the characters in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. But there are some places you just really want to see for some inexplicable reason and for me, Devils Tower was such a place.

The problem is Devils Tower doesn’t lie on a main route and is a little out of the way in northeastern Wyoming. In the past, we just haven’t had time for the detour.



Not this time. We were going to see Devils Tower regardless if we had a campground reservation. I called a private campground and they told me they had one spot left. I asked if we would be able to see the monument from our campsite and she said she didn’t know. Hmm….

I knew from talking to other RVing friends that Bell Fourche campground offered incredible views but it was first-come first-served. We decided to take our chances. I’m so glad we did.


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